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In order to restore Northcliff Ridge to a pristine state and to keep it that way, the actions listed below will be taken:

1. Fencing and access control
The most pressing need was to secure the perimeter of the reserve by proper fencing. Where adjoining residential properties have walls or palisade fences, no further investments were needed. The stretch along Rockey Drive had no fencing or fences in poor condition; fencing was erected and restored by the residents of Louie and Joseph streets.

2. There will be four access points to the Ridge

  • The main gate at the water tower is open from 06h00 until 18h00 (19h00 in Summer). The gate is opened and locked by the security guards guarding the water tower;
  • A gate to the proposed eco-centre with access by arrangement only;
  • A gate on the former Dorothy Avenue will be for fire brigade access only;
  • A gate at the western end of Louie Avenue with access by the fire brigade and SAPS Radio Services to service their Alien Vegetation Control.

3. Parking Control
Parking at Northcliff Ridge is limited, but currently adequate. It WAS in a sorry state. The Ridge Committee levelled and repaved the entire parking area. Lucky Avenue, though not part of Northcliff Ridge, needs to be upgraded by installing mountable kerbs on both sides and grassing the pavements to provide additional parking space.

The co-operation of two other departments of the City Council is needed here:

  • Johannesburg Roads to upgrade Lucky Avenue and Johannesburg Water to level the areas where the new valve was installed a year ago.
  • The provision of proper drainage when the water tower overflows during power cuts.
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Businesses that support the Ridge.

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