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In the past, attempts to develop Northcliff Ridge have been made periodically. A summary of the main events follows.

1986 The Society for the Conservation of Northcliff Ridge was formed to prevent the development of a twenty-eight unit townhouse complex on stands 2393 and 2387 Northcliff Extension 12. The proposed three story structures would have forever spoiled the skyline of the Ridge. When the City Council expropriated the two stands involved in 1990, the Northcliff Ridge Management Committee (NRMC) was formed to formulate a development plan for the Ridge.
1991 The Northcliff Rotary Club takes on the implementation as a community services project.
1992 Walmsley Environmental Consultants, appointed by the NRMC and Northcliff Rotary, proposed a development plan with a Tswana Village and flea market, extensive plantings of trees and shrubs, picnic tables and a circular path lit up at night. Eventually only the path was built and many trees planted. Few trees survived drought, fire and frost as the plateau does not naturally have any trees.
1998 A 33 metre high concrete cross was proposed as a Christian beacon on the Ridge. This project never proceeded beyond an idea.
2000 Spilkin & Associates proposed a 150 seat restaurant and lookout platform on stands 217 and 218 in Chudleigh View. An informal group, the Concerned Ridge Residents Committee (CRRC), objected vehemently and the developers never submitted plans for approval to the City Council.
2008 SAPS Radio Services erected a cell phone mast at the western end of stand 2393 without having followed due process to gain permission to relocate the mast from the water tower enclosure. The project was halted by a court interdict, but the mast has since been approved. In reaction, the Northcliff Ridge Steering Committee was formed in March 2008, but it never got off the ground.

From the above it is clear that community involvement in Northcliff Ridge has tended to be sporadic and reactive rather than sustained and proactive.