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We need participation in our effort to preserve and improve the Northcliff Ecopark.

You can volunteer your expertise in the following fields:

  • Environmental specialists
  • Construction (resurfacing of the pathways on the top of the ridge)
  • Safety and security ( we need guards t protect the ridge from vandalism)
  • Geology
  • Botany (identification of plant species)
  • Fire prevention
  • Fundraising
  • Cleaning efforts (litter removal)

If you want more information on how to get involved with the Ecopark, go to the Contact page.

Click on the above image to gain access to a selection of our favourite images taken on the Ridge that shows the ecological diversity right on the sub-urban doorstep of Jozi.
Businesses that support the Ridge.

For further information on how you and your business can get involved, please contact us.